Bill Clinton: Before Benghazi, GOP didn’t care if US diplomats died

In a pre-recorded interview in Denver before a fawning audience, Bill Clinton deflected a question regarding wife Hillary’s culpability in the September 11, 2012 disaster at Benghazi, Libya.

The former president was asked by host David Gregory for Sunday’s NBC edition of “Meet the Press,” if Rand Paul’s comment that the Secretary of State’s mismanagement of the incident at the American consulate didn’t disqualify her from being president.

Clinton answered with a brazen lack of respect for the murdered Americans along the line of his wife’s “what difference does it make” reasoning: “When ten different instances occurred when President Bush was in office where American diplomatic personnel were killed around the world, how many outraged Republican members in Congress were there? Zero,” he said.

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Clinton’s response to the question can be seen here at the 8:40 mark, via NBC News.

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