Big shot trooper busted for speeding, talking on cell, turns into kitten on camera

An Illinois state trooper did a swift U-turn when a clever truck driver caught him on video speeding and using his cellphone.

The incident occurred a week ago, when the unidentified officer pulled over driver Brian Miner for honking his horn, according to a YouTube video Miner posted.

When the police officer told Miner he was going to write a ticket for unnecessarily honking his horn, Miner explained why: “Because you were speeding and had your cellphone in your hand.”

The officer countered, “Police officers can actually use technology when they’re driving.”

“Oh, so you guys are above the law?” Miner shot back.

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The trooper said Miner couldn’t be sure he was going above the 70 mph limit, but the trucker said he had set his cruise control at 65 mph and the officer was travelling much faster than 70 mph.

 “You were driving recklessly,” Miner told the officer. “You were speeding. It’s wet roads. You were speeding with a cellphone in your hand.”

Just as the trooper was ready to issue the ticket, Miner informed him that he was being recorded. The officer quickly changed his attitude.

To find out what happened next, click here.

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