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Hypocrisy! GOP-bashing law professor gets exorbitant salary for teaching one class . . . on poverty issues

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An outspoken University of North Carolina law professor who has been known to bash Republicans earns $205,400 per year to teach one class per semester – on poverty.

Gene NicholProfessor Gene Nichol also earns a $7,500 stipend as director of the law school’s Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity, according to The College Fix.

Nicole told The College Fix his compensation is not unusual.

“I’m a full time faculty member – doing all the varied things faculty members do,” he said. “That’s the basis for the salary you quote. Beyond that, I’m paid $7,500 to run the poverty center – the same as all the other law school center directors.”

Not new to controversy, the professor’s contract as president of the College of William and Mary was not renewed in 2008 after he removed a cross from a chapel and allowed a sex workers’ art show on campus, according to Fox News.

Nichol has used inflammatory political rhetoric in his role at the poverty center, The College Fix reported:

For example, on the center’s website he writes that “the scourge of debilitating poverty is the largest problem faced by the people of North Carolina – even if our political leaders ignore it, or declare, with a breathtaking stupidity, that it doesn’t exist.” North Carolina has a Republican-controlled majority of lawmakers.

Yet while Nichol champions the poor – even chastising Republicans in a March News & Observer op-ed for its “unforgivable war on poor people” – it’s unclear how well he can relate to those living in poverty.

Ironically, the poverty professor’s wife earns $407,000 annually from the UNC School of Medicine and the family lives in a Chapel Hill home valued at more than $1 million.

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