Chris Wallace puts lib Dem on the grill: What gives Obama the authority to rewrite law?

With National Security Adviser Susan Rice taking a break for the day from lying on weekend talk shows, television viewers were forced to find another Dem spinning a web of deception Sunday.

But they’re Dems, which means the deceptive — or simply deluded — aren’t all that hard to find.

chriswallaceexecuttiveaction0629On “Fox News Sunday,” host Chris Wallace grilled U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra – a California Democrat — on exactly where President Obama is looking to find the power to use his “pen and phone” to unilaterally rewrite acts of Congress because his administration is unable to implement them.

The best Becerra could come up with is that what Obama’s doing is very popular with the American people.

First of all, that’s not true. According to Rasmussen’s poll last week, most people know the American health-care system is in trouble and a majority expect Obamacare to make it even worse.

And even if it were popular, that would be irrelevant – and Wallace was quick to make the point:

“The Constitution does not say, ‘Hey, if it’s popular, you can exceed your authority,’” he said.

Becerra also tried to argue that presidents have been using executive orders since the Founding days, and that Obama is actually behind his predecessors in his use of them so far this year.

“The president has never said, I’m going to go it alone,” he said, and tried with Democrat flair to blame Republicans again.

“When Congress shuts down the government, the president can’t just sit there,” he said.

Actually, he can, Wallace said.

“Yeah, that’s exactly the way the Constitution is written. The president is supposed to just sit there.”

You can tell by the conversation, Bacerra is the kind of Democrat who doesn’t know or care much about how the way the Constitution is written.

Just like his president.

Check out the exchange here.


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