News anchor scolded by co-host for turning into a horn dog on-air over colleague’s bikini

horndog 1When your co-host tries to tell you to simmer down on live TV, you should probably listen – particularly when you are Greg Kelly and you’re ogling a bikini-clad colleague.

Friday’s “Good Day New York” segment started innocently enough, as attractive, physically-fit Anna Gilligan reported live from a New Jersey amusement park that is preparing to re-open after renovations.

“I don’t know which is scarier, the ride or taking off my clothes,” Gilligan said before stripping down to a bikini and swinging into the water on a Tarzan rope.

When she emerged from the plunge to plug the park’s new hours and report on her experience, she was immediately interrupted by Kelly, who said, “First of all, nice bathing suit.”

Co-anchor Rosanna Scotto was not amused.

“Greg, stay appropriate,” she scolded.annagilligan0628new

A few subtle innuendoes later, Kelly jokingly tried to keep the young reporter talking with meaningless questions as soon as she announced that she would be leaving to get dressed.

When the camera finally cut away from the beauty, Scotto asked Kelly, “What is wrong with you?”

Some may say Kelly’s comments were all in good fun. He is a man, after all. But many would agree with Tom Ley, who wrote in The Concourse:

Kelly’s achievement in creepin’ comes not from any one particularly eyebrow-raising comment, but from ogling and panting that goes on for way too long. It’s kind of impressive, really. Any old perv can spout off with a “Nice boobies!” comment, but it takes real commitment to being a gross dude to keep going on and on like this until your co-anchor has to physically stop you from speaking.

Kelly is the wrong guy to be behaving like a horn dog on national TV. The son of former New York City police Commissioner Ray Kelly, he just endured months of public scrutiny over his personal sex life when he was accused of raping a paralegal in 2012. The district attorney did not pursue charges, but his reputation took a bit of a hit.

Given the circumstances, it’s probably a good idea to keep the panting to a minimum.

H/T: The Concourse

Michele Kirk


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