Give it back! Students ask selfish Hillary to return $225K speaking fee

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Hillary Clinton stirred up controversy with a recent comment that she and Bill Clinton were “dead broke” after leaving the White House, in large part because they have a net worth today of up to 50 million dollars.

And students at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas have little interest in contributing to the Clinton’s vast wealth.

The likely 2016 Democratic presidential nominee — who commands about $200,000 for speaking engagements — is scheduled to speak at the annual fundraiser for the schools foundation in mid-October, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

UNLV is paying Clinton a premium of $225,000 — and student leaders are asking her to “respectfully” return the money.

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“To be honest, it’s not surprising and we really appreciate anybody who would come to raise money for the university,” student Daniel Waqar told Jon Ralston on Ralston Reports. “But anybody who is being paid $225,000 to come speak, we think that’s a little outrageous.”

Waqar, the student government’s public relations director, said tuition just went up 17 percent and students could benefit from Clinton’s speaking fee, were she to donate it back to them.

UNLV Student Body President Elias Benjelloun was also not thrilled about the amount of the fee.

“We’re excited that Hillary Clinton would come to the university to fundraise on behalf of our university,” Benjelloun said. “We’re excited anyone wants to come to UNLV and fundraise on our behalf. When we heard $225,000, we weren’t so thrilled.”

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