See the ‘cheat sheet’ found at the border telling illegals how to stay in the US

Federal law enforcement officials exploring the U.S. border found so-called “cheat sheets” instructing illegal immigrants how to stay in the United States and avoid being deported.

Officials believe human trafficking groups are providing the notes in Spanish, listing sample questions to ask to determine whether the illegals will be granted an immigration hearing, according to TheBlaze.

“It’s proof they are told what to say,” a Department of Homeland Security official told TheBlaze, saying the sheets are often “destroyed or thrown away before illegal aliens are apprehended.”

A copy of one sheet obtained by TheBlaze is shown here:

Alien Cheat Sheet
Photo credit: TheBlaze

The sheet contained handwritten notes with “yes” and “no” answers, along with explanations for other questions such as, “Who did you live with?”

“Another handwritten question is, ‘Where does your father live?’ The answer underneath reads, ‘I don’t know him or even his name,’ TheBlaze reported.

Statements in Spanish on the sheet included:

• Why did you abandon your country?

• Because of poverty and misery.

• You’re in fear of your government and afraid to live in your country.

• You’re afraid of extortion from Maras [MS-13 gang].

• Do you have family in the United States?

• Is this the first time you’ve come into this country?

• Did you swim across the river?

• Somebody told you that if you brought a minor child into the United States you can stay.

Traveling from Central America to the United States can cost between $5,000 and $8,000, federal officials told TheBlaze, saying the “credible fear” claim is often used to obtain a notice to appear in immigration court, allowing the illegals timeto stay in the country.

“Several years ago, we would hold illegal aliens until their court date,” the official said. “We didn’t have this huge crisis when they knew they couldn’t get away and were being held. Now we let everyone go because we have no space. The administration also makes it impossible to do our job and deport them.”

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