Obama lunches with Minneapolis mom over economy, ignores mom of Marine jailed in Mexico

Rebekah Erler, a hard-working mom trying to make ends meet, wrote a letter to President Obama, who flew to Minneapolis Thursday to have lunch with her.

Meanwhile, Jill Tahmooressi, mother of U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, can’t get a phone call from the commander in chief when her son has been in a Mexican prison for nearly 90 days.

Obama’s visit with Erler has been promoted with tweets such as these:

The White House sent an email explaining the visit, which said:

Every day, the Office of Presidential Correspondence sorts through thousands of letters. Every night, President Obama reads 10 of them. This past March, Rebekah, a hardworking mom from Minneapolis, wrote the President to share how much harder it’s become to get ahead and do the right thing for her family. The President not only set her letter aside — he decided to go meet Rebekah in person and spend a day in her shoes.

Today, President Obama is traveling to Minnesota to meet Rebekah, kicking off a series of White House summer road trips where he will spend a “day in the life” of everyday Americans, learning about their challenges and struggles to get ahead.

Erler sent her letter just before Sgt. Tahmooressi was taken into custody in Mexico after making a wrong turn and crossing the border with firearms. After nearly three months, his case hasn’t seen any progress.

“Last week, Andrew was despondent because for a portion of it, he was without legal representation,” his mother said in a phone call with CNN Tuesday. “We’re more optimistic now.”

A petition launched to request action from the White House has exceeded 125,000 signatures, but still response.

The snub from the administration did not go unnoticed to Twitter users, who responded with these tweets: 

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