Mexican military chopper fires on border patrol inside US territory

U.S. Border Patrol Agent Photo Credit: May
U.S. Border Patrol Agent
Photo Credit: May

A Mexican law enforcement helicopter flew into United States territory on Thursday morning and fired two shots at American border patrol agents.

The incident occurred west of the San Miguel Gate on the Tohono O’odham Indian Nation, and no one was injured nor property damaged, according to Tucson’s KVOA News 4.

Border patrol Tucson Sector union president Art del Cueto said the chopper flew back to Mexico, reported the action to Mexican authorities, and they issued an apology.

Andy Adame, U.S. Border Patrol spokesman, added that the helicopter crossed about 100 yards into U.S. territory while a drug interdiction action was underway and that an investigation into the affair had begun.

This foray was just one among hundreds that have occurred in recent years, according to a Washington Times story. Often they involve tense standoffs and unseemly altercations.

It’s hard to imagine that a tough president such as Lyndon Johnson or Ronald Reagan would tolerate these incursions.

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