Sugar cane Mexico
A flood of sugar slips through broken promises

When the Mexican sugar lobby testified before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) in April as part of an ongoing investigation into Mexico’s unfair trading actions, they told […]

Obama lunch with Erler
Obama lunches with Minneapolis mom over economy, ignores mom of Marine jailed in Mexico

Rebekah Erler, a hard-working mom trying to make ends meet, wrote a letter to President Obama, who flew to Minneapolis Thursday to have lunch with her. Meanwhile, […]

Alcee Hastings
Alcee Hastings tripped up again by ‘Democrat math’

U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., is well known for making up the rules as he goes along, but who knew that he also makes up his own […]

underwear gently used
Got ‘gently used’ underwear? Send them to Washington!

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is looking for 42,000 pairs of underwear to outfit illegal immigrants, but a conservative group has a better idea: Send your […]

John Koskinen
IRS commissioner has new attitude, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer grills him anyway

Bearing little resemblance to the smug, condescending person who sat before Congress earlier in the week, a suddenly affable Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen showed up […]

Mexican military chopper fires on border patrol inside US territory

A Mexican law enforcement helicopter flew into United States territory on Thursday morning and fired two shots at American border patrol agents. The incident occurred west of […]

Bacon 2
Teenage girl sentenced to a year in jail for throwing bacon on a Scotland mosque

How long will it be until libs in the United States start sentencing people to jail for “hurting other people’s feelings”? A teenage girl was sentenced to […]

School bus
12-year-old Florida boy steals school bus, drives 14 miles to Wal-Mart

A 12-year-old Florida boy stole a school bus and drove it 14 miles to Wal-Mart. Police arrested him after a Wal-Mart employee saw him struggling to park […]

Pelosi heads to southern border for photo op with children as ‘humanitarian crisis’ escalates

As the humanitarian crisis on the U.S. southern border with Mexico continues to build, count on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to make things worse. Pelosi announced Thursday […]

D vs R
Fateful showdown over immigration reform, border security looms in July

President Obama’s unstoppable quest to give illegals amnesty appears headed for a collision with Republicans’ insistence on border control, with an ugly showdown shaping up this summer. […]

Planet Zoltron
Wild shirtless man from ‘Planet Zoltron’ storms police cruiser

A shirtless Michigan man carrying a 4-foot metal pipe surprised Muskegon County deputies when he came out of nowhere and threw himself onto a police cruiser, busting […]

Tea party-backed McDaniel fights on in Mississippi; ‘We’ve found more than 1,000 examples’ of illegal votes

As U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss., first elected to the Senate when Jimmy Carter occupied the White House, prepares to add to his 36 years in Washington […]