Mother savagely beaten as her toddler tries to help; bystanders do nothing

Wanted: Latia Harris, 25, is facing charges of assault and making terroristic threats

This is a brutal and savage video. What kind of country have we become when a woman is brutally beaten in front of her child, and all the men do is stand around and video the attack? Of course, if a bunch of white people had stood around while a black woman was beaten, there would be wall to wall media coverage on racism and hate in America. But since it’s the other way around, most media outlets will probably never broadcast this video.


  “There is a moral and social breakdown in the fabric of our, society which is clearly evident when a woman gets pummeled in broad daylight in front of her child while a dozen people pull out their phones to record the incident instead of calling for help,” Salem Chief of Police John J. Pelura III said, according to NJ.Com. “There is so little regard for human life — by the actor and the bystanders.”

The attack occurred in a park Tuesday night as a woman — identified by authorities as Latia Harris, 25, of Salem — is violently and repeatedly striking a woman lying on the ground, the website reports.

The victim’s 2-year-old son is standing nearby and, despite the adults present, is the only person trying to stop her. He makes several kicks at the attacker’s direction, but it does not stop the assault on his mother.

Warning: Video contains graphic violence not suitable for all viewers

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