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Hillary has rumored ‘secret deal’ with Huma to keep bonehead husband Weiner in hiding

Photo Source PageSix.com / Credit: (Left) AP, (center) David McGlynn, (right) Reuters

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Hillary Clinton is rumored to have a “secret deal” with longtime aide Huma Abedin to keep her scandalous husband from stirring up any trouble as the former Secretary of State considers a presidential run.

Abedin is married to disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner, who has a propensity for getting into trouble when he finds himself in the same room as a smart phone.

The New York Post’s Page Six magazine reported Wednesday:

Clinton aides have insisted Weiner “stay out of public life for two years” and that he “avoid causing any further embarrassment to Huma or Clinton,” according to our sources.

A spokesman for Clinton denied that a deal exists, saying it’s “1,000 percent absurd,” according to Page Six, but the gossip site reported that a well-placed source told them that Weiner “has been put on notice by Clinton aides to keep a low profile and remain out of sight and out of trouble.”

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The last we heard from Weiner was a couple of weeks ago when he tweeted an apology after favoriting a Matt Yglesias tweet that read: “Tinder will now be the ultimate sext machine.”

After all the trouble that has befallen Weiner via Twitter, one has to marvel that he maintains an account — which more than justifies any concerns an aspiring politician indelibly linked to the man would have.

For the record, Abedin has been by Hillary Clinton’s side for well over 17 years, and part of her current book tour.

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