Cavuto, Bachmann go at it in loud argument over Obama abuse of power lawsuit

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner’s plans to sue over President Obama over his use of executive orders touched off fireworks Wednesday between a congresswoman and a Fox News personality.

Neil Cavuto, anchor of Fox’s “Your World,” questioned the timing of the lawsuit.

“Why not just fix things that are very, very wrong now rather than dragging someone to court over whether they overstepped their bounds?” he asked. “It just seems to me like an enormous waste of time.”

Boehner has said the lawsuit is “not about” impeaching the president but stopping him from acting without Congress’ approval, according to Fox News.

Cavuto’s guest, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, said she had “no idea” why Boehner decided to file the lawsuit now, after years of talking about Obama’s “lawlessness.”

“What we should do now is defund the executive branch when we have the option, because if they don’t have money, they won’t have power,” she said.

Cavuto scoffed at the idea, taking the interview on a contentious turn.

“It just seems to me that so much is wrong here, this finger-pointing,” he said. “We’re going to drag your ass to court. We’re going to do this – just do something! I’m looking around and seeing Rome burning. I think someone should pick up a hose and put out the fire rather than file a suit.”

Watch the lively interview here via Fox News:

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