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Priceless video: Reid and Boehner forced to hold hands, sing ‘We Shall Overcome,’ parodies follow

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Don’t ever let your friends tell you C-SPAN isn’t entertaining.

The venue that brought us recent classics like Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia eating his own earwax has come through again in this one-minute video of politicians like Harry Reid and John Boehner forced to hold hands and sing “We Shall Overcome” at a Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony Tuesday.

They look a little uncomfortable, don’t you think?

Following the release of the clip, Twitter lit up. Some musically inclined tweeters even made parodies of the love fest.

Priceless video via Independent Journal Review:

Via Matthew H:

[email protected] is a genius. RT @deppisch: Congress can’t stop/won’t stop. (Sorry, this had to be done.)

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