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New WH press secretary’s office spelled this American hero’s name wrong — twice!

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It might seem like the Obama White House is being run by people who weren’t born yet during the 1980s, but it still shouldn’t be too  much to ask that they know how to spell the name of the 40th president.

Photo: Bayshore Tea Party

An email from the press secretary’s office describing the presidential schedule for Wednesday (sent out 0n Press Secretary Josh Earnest’s second day on the job), said President Obama was going to “deliver remarks at the League of Conservation Voters Capital Dinner at the Ronald Regan Building and International Trade Center.”

The error was repeated later – in italics, yet.

It’s possible the staffers were thinking of Donald Regan, who was treasury secretary and later chief of staff under President Reagan (and who had his name misspelled fairly often back then, for obvious reasons). Possible, but not probable. How many people remember treasury secretaries and chiefs of staff?

It’s more likely that the man who won the Cold War for the West, rejuvenated the United States economy and generally heralded the return of American greatness after the pathetic malaise of Jimmy Carter’s 1970s is so unfamiliar to the Obamabots that they don’t even know how to spell his name.

Dude, that was like 26 years ago!

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