Mika ‘kicks around’ Sarah Palin while the Morning Joe men zone in on her T-shirt

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The smarmy “Morning Joe” crew was having a grand time Wednesday morning mocking tea party candidate losses in Oklahoma and Mississippi on Tuesday, writing off the conservative groups that supported them.

Former John McCain campaign strategist Steve Schmidt offered his take on the rough year the tea party is having.

“When I was watching that, it just seemed like it had an American Idol, season thirteen feel to it,” he said. “You’re watching Ted Cruz in that video, it sounds like he’s talking about a TupperWare set coming with this.”

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“Sarah Palin sounded like she didn’t know who she was talking about,” Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski chimed in before making a catty remark about all the men noticing Palin’s Oklahoma Sooner t-shirt — no doubt envious that she can’t rock a shirt in the same manner.

“You ALL noticed her T-shirt,” Brzezinski said like a jealous girlfriend. “Oh my God.”

Tom Tillison


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