Bravo Walmart! Brilliant response to New York Times hit piece a classy punch in the gut

The world’s largest retail corporation also has a sense of humor.

Walmart’s Vice President for Corporate Communications, Dave Tovar, penned in red on the company’s blog, a scathing rebuttal to columnist Timothy Egan’s hatchet job which appeared on the Op-Ed page of Sunday’s New York Times.

Tovar used facts to refute Egan’s derogatory claims that Walmart was a “net drain on taxpayers,” that its “humiliating wages force employees to look to food stamps”and a multitude of other incorrect facts and erroneous conclusions. Tovar jovially made chopped liver of the column, as you can see below.

He begins with a sarcastic salutation to the author, Timothy Egan, suggesting some revisions were in order for the sake of accuracy:

Tim – Thanks for sharing your first draft. Below are a few thoughts to ensure something inaccurate doesn’t get published. Hope this helps. –  WMT

For a larger version of the smackdown, click here

Walmart response
Walmart response


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