Boehner plans to sue Obama, on behalf of Congress, for his ‘pen and phone’ presidency

The same day he announced he is “all in” to stay the top Republican in the House, Speaker John Boehner sent out some pretty strong signals on what that could mean to the last two years of President Obama’s term.


During a closed-door meeting of the House Republicans, Boehner announced that he is working to file a lawsuit on behalf of all of Congress to stop Obama’s continuous – and constitutionally dubious – rule by “pen and phone,” Roll Call reported. Boehner, in a separate news conference, also scotched rumors he’s planning a Florida retirement any time soon.

Citing sources who attended the meeting of the House Republican Conference, Roll Call said Boehner has been working with constitutional scholars to find a framework to sue Obama for overstepping his constitutional bounds by rewriting (a la Obamacare) or selectively enforcing laws (such as waiving prosecution for illegal aliens).

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Listing the president’s infractions would produce something as lengthy as the Declaration of Independence’s bill of particulars against George III (it would be kind of fun if they actually presented it that way, though most libs are probably too ignorant to get the joke.). But Boehner spokesman  Michael Steel summarized it pretty well.

“The president has a clear record of ignoring the American people’s elected representatives and exceeding his constitutional authority, which has dangerous implications for both our system of government and our economy,” Steel said.

“The House has passed legislation to address this, but it has gone nowhere in the Democratic-controlled Senate, so we are examining other options.”

If Republicans take the Senate in the fall, which is distinct possibility, the potential for a lawsuit only gets stronger. And the Obama Era of the imperial presidency will come to an end one way or the other.

Any conservatives disappointed by Tuesday’s primary results could do the country a favor by keeping that firmly in mind.


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