Photo-op goes wrong: Obama grosses out Chipotle customers

President Obama took presidential overreach to a new level Monday – and won disapproval ratings from a fair number of fast food customers – when he reached past the sneeze guard at a D.C. area Chipotle Tex-Mex restaurant to point out what kind of food he wanted.

The event was part of Obama’s “Working Families Summit” that was meant to draw attention to the White House’s alleged concern for the working poor.

The multi-millionaire president decided to take four working stiffs out to lunch and treated them to a meal they could have had any other day of the week.

And grossed out a whole bunch of Chipotle regulars while he was at it.

Here’s the picture snapped by official White House photographer Peter Souza, according to the Daily Mail.

Photo: White House
Photo: White House

And here’s some of the reaction from regular Chipotle eaters, who thought the president’s “regular folks” move was in decidedly bad taste.

Let’s just say they know a little more about Chipotle etiquette than the average White House diner might be used to — even if the food doesn’t come out of Michelle’s garden.

Some observers noted that Chipotle had banned guns in its restaurants — a ban the president’s Secret Service detail surely violated.

And otherTwitter users, students of the president’s predictable locution after six tiresome years evidently,  wanted to be perfectly clear, no one was angrier than they were when they heard about the latest White House scandal — from the media, of course.

Even now, after Solyndra and Fast and Furious, after Benghazi and the IRS, Obama has new ways to infuriate the American public.

Chipotle rudeness is just too tough to swallow.


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