‘Issa brings unsupervised child to tears’: Dem Elijah Cummings all broken up at IRS hearing

Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, has people still scratching their heads this morning with the almost tearful, emotional speech he gave during the hearing on Lois Lerner’s lost emails Monday night on Capitol Hill.

You have to watch the video to truly understand the depth of his acting  pain. Here are some descriptions from the Twitter crowd, and some via Twitchy:

Trey Gowdy’s hilarious dream about fellow politicians in heaven brings down the house

A hat tip to my personal favorite who provided the headline:


293 thoughts on “‘Issa brings unsupervised child to tears’: Dem Elijah Cummings all broken up at IRS hearing

  1. toongail says:

    What a jerk – another one hiding behind his race. He also should be indicted.

  2. BobbieJGraham says:

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  3. Mace Tofu says:

    Elijah Cummings had asked Lois to go after the Tea Party. So to me he is on the wrong side of the table during these hearings.

  4. Jon Weiss says:

    Cummings looks and acts like a used douche bag. Why people vote for such lame assed politicians is beyond belief.

  5. hal says:

    Maryland can have him.

  6. ARETHEYNUTS says:

    Who is he thanking? Issa or the head weasel of the IRS?

  7. spacecowboy1 says:

    listen, ya wanna destroy harddrives, smashing them may not be enough. Use an oxy/acetylene torch with a rosebud heating tip. Nothing like 5000 degrees F. It will liquify everything and there will be no recovery.

  8. AnnaGraceS says:

    He is so full of shitake he is brown!! Prison is too good for the likes of you Elijah Cummings too good!! It literally makes me sick that this Communist pronounce the “T”s on the end of words and his is in Congress. What a freaking cesspool of corruption it is!!
    BTW arsehole the word is LEFT not LEF!!!

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