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‘Oy Vey of the Day’: Tone deaf Hillary cries poor again!

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Oops, she did it again!

In a lengthy interview published by the Guardian Saturday, Hillary Clinton answered questions about her wealth and how it might be a problem for the American people in that she has been so tone deaf.

The publication introduced the subject with a prime example:

And money? What about money? Bill and Hillary have reportedly made more than $100m since they left the White House in 2001. Yet that didn’t stop Hillary complaining to Diane Sawyer on ABC News that the couple had emerged from highest office “dead broke . . .”

Proving the point entirely, Clinton responded, “They don’t see me as part of the problem, because we pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly well off, not to name names; and we’ve done it through dint of hard work.”

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The folks on Twitter were taken back by her ignorance. Here are a few responses gathered by Twitchy: :

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