IRS reportedly cancelled contract with email backup company months after Lerner’s computer crashed

IRS comm John Koskinen

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Amid the weekend’s news that the Internal Revenue Service had a backup email service, it is now being reported the agency abruptly ended its agreement with the company months after former IRS official Lois Lerner’s computer crashed.

According to The Daily Caller, Lerner’s computer crashed in June 2011, but it was not until August 31, 2011 that the agency ended its six year relationship with the email-archiving company Sonasoft.

Lerner’s missing emails are from January 2009 to April 2011, which is well within the timeframe that Sonasoft was employed.

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Three months after Sonasoft was dismissed, in December, IRS official Nikole Flax, a frequent White House visitor, experienced a computer crash, The Daily Caller reported.

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., excoriated IRS Commissioner John Koskinen during an appearance before Congress on Friday for not being forthcoming, yet the commissioner failed to mention that the agency employed the services of Sonasoft for much of the time in question.

All of which is certain to further fuel the fire about possible motivations behind missing emails.

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29 thoughts on “IRS reportedly cancelled contract with email backup company months after Lerner’s computer crashed

  1. Kenneth Clark says:

    Click, Click… BOOM!

  2. Shiner says:

    Sonasoft should be audited immediately. All officers bank accounts should be reviewed for possible coverup payments. This is just the start. No government institution should be allowed to make a contract with this company. Sonasoft should also be investigated for fraud. Stating to do things they can’t do and selling those false claims to the American public and institutions. If they were able to fulfill contract and they want to save their business I suggest they SAVE THE DAY and announce they have the missing emails. How cool would that be. Talk about rats jumping a sinking ship. Just imagine the madness that would indue. I would LOVE that. But until that happens the following should be investigated for crimes against the US and more.

    Mr. Nand Khanna – Founder
    Mr. Paresh Mehta – Chief Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer
    Mr. Bilal Ahmed – Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering

    These 3 men need to be investigated immediately & COMPLETELY. Especially before they have a “crash”. Something smells really fishy. And I think these guys may be in bed with the IRS in a MAJOR coverup.

    1. CrossingTheDelaware says:

      I have not seen any reports that Sonasoft is reponsible for any wrongdoing. What needs to be obtained is the contract the IRS signed with Sonasoft to see if there is any language that describes what Sonasoft was legally/contractually required to do with backed up email data if the contract was cancelled. There may be language that requires Sonasoft to keep it for some time, or, that requires Sonasoft to destroy the data

      1. Savingstone says:

        Wrong. What Sonasoft needs to do is testify concerning their logs about “crashes” involving a total of 7 specific people during their contracted period with the IRS Counsel Dept. (WHICH IS THE PARTY AT HAND) and all their attempts to recover said emails through Sonasoft’s Email Replication Server that the IRS Counsel had contracted. c
        The Congressional inquiry of the IRS specifically targeting Conservative and Pro-Israel 501c applications. The fact this occurred is incontrovertible…Congress then proceeded to investigate who ordered the implementation of these partisan “filters” resulting in the approval of ZERO such groups in an election year….hence the requests for emails months ago, so that they may determine who in fact coordinated this unlawfulness in lieu of Lois Lerner’s claim of 5th Amendment Rights.

        1. Teako says:

          The IRS is NOT responsible for the ACA. They are only to agency where the documentation for acquiring specific information regarding the qualification and procurement of qualified health insurance. Private insurance companies are still responsible for providing the insurance as it was before the ACA.

          There is also absolutely no evidence that Sonasoft is an political ally of the Obama administration other than in your very biased brain. You are correct that there is a very small likelihood of anything remaining on their hardware after the contract was cancelled. there is nothing particularly interesting here since it would be common practice. It would help if the Republicans stopped cutting the IRS budget so they could continue to afford these services, but … It would also be nice to spend the money to upgrade their IT systems too, but we are back to cutting funding once again.

          It is also interesting to note that the only group denied tax exempt status was a progressive group. No conservative group was denied.

          1. Savingstone says:

            Really? Andy Khanna CEO of Sonasoft and his partners have hosted fundraisers and endorsed Democratic California Congressional Candidate Ro Khanna (relation unknown), former Obama appointee as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Dept. of Commerce. Very coincidental…

          2. Teako says:

            .. and insignificant.

          3. Shiner says:

            You sir are an idiot. have some more kook-aid.

    2. Larry Miller says:

      Two, at least, are Muslims.

      1. Teako says:

        So what!

    3. Marilyn Z says:

      This is what you have to deal with when the companies are owned/run by ALIENS. How did this happen that nearly everything or everyone our government deals with is a foreign national and probably a muslim and illegal alien at the same time?

  3. innessa111 says:

    Are the three in charge of Sonasoft (Mr. Nand Khanna – Founder
    Mr. Paresh Mehta – Chief Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer
    Mr. Bilal Ahmed – Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering) muslims? Again?

    1. Teako says:

      So what does that have to do with anything?

  4. Shiner says:

    I would think before they destroy anything they would have supplied the IRS with a copy of everything. Let them say what they have. You are right, but any more, it takes and act of God to get to the bottom of anything. SO I say INVESTIGATE everyone. Right now, with no back ups. THE LAW HAS BEEN BROKEN. Those responsible, knowingly or not need to be held responsible.

    1. Teako says:

      They simply do what they are contractually bound to do. what did their contract state?

  5. michaelrivero says:

    If the IRS canceled the contact AFTER the Lois Lerner’s email was lost, why didn’t the IRS request those emails be recovered BEFORE they ended the contract?

    1. Cha5678 says:

      Because there were active inquiries from the U.S. House committee overseeing the IRS regarding the matter. The IRS apparatchiks couldn’t request the recovery or protect the backup tapes without be caught. So they destroyed evidence from that inquiry, and thus also the evidence available to the IG investigation and the current inquiries.

  6. MargueriteCWong says:

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  7. Goldcoaster says:

    I have started a petition to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the IRS scandal.

    Link to
    Not getting much traction yet. Help!!!!!

  8. awakeawareomshanti says:


  9. Beacon of Truth says:

    What’s not to trust about this guy?

  10. John Ash says:

    My thinking is this. By firing sonasoft……sonasoft has zero access to any evidence and can’t provide the emails. If they were still employed. …they could. So now the only thing they might still have are error and service logs. Maybe.

    The other option is they got fired for being the world’s worst IT company. But that’s hard to believe if they were employed for six years. Besides….it isn’t rocket science.

    1. Teako says:

      Funding cuts may have something to do with what contracts were renewed. Republicans have been cutting IRS funding for years.

      1. John Ash says:

        Perhaps. But there was also a very convenient opportunity. They could ditch them, retroactively have the hard drive crash, then crash a few others and voila. Problem solved.

        1. Teako says:

          Sounds a lot like a conspiracy theory top me. I need some very hard evidence before disappearing down any rat hole.

          1. Shiner says:

            What you need is a brain that actually works.

          2. John Ash says:

            Maybe. My brother is an expert in this area and insists that “no, they really are this stupid” and there is a way to basically cause this to happen via sheer government stupidity and government computer workers who have no comp sci degree but want to be the smarters person in the room.

            But it definitely isn’t a lack of money. Actually, doing it the wrong way in comp sci costs more than doing it right. There’s not enough processing power and storage to compensate for the stupidity of a bureaucrat.

          3. Teako says:

            The average mean time between failure for a modern hard drive is 100,000 hours. That means if you have 10 hard drives running 24 hours per day, you will have 1 hard drive failure each year. That failure can statistically occur in the first middle or last hour of that year. My company locally has 200 computers attached to about 600 hard drives and we loose about 5 hard drives each year. I wonder how many the IRS has?

            Not all failure result in unrecoverable data, but most people generally have redundant systems for critical data and very often do not worry about non-critical data. E-mail is generally backed up for 6 months in most companies, at least that has been the policy for my last four companies and seem to have been the policy of the IRS until very recently when they changed that policy. That is why many people keep copies of their email on their local drives and some even have it archived and/or backed up on a second local hard drive. Most people do not do that. that is also why some of the email was recovered, i.e., copies on local drives. The local drive failure did not destroy any data on a server. The data was simply not less than 6 months old. I have lost emails fort precisely this same reason twice in my career.

            Accusing the government (worker) of simply being stupid is no more a deflecting from what actually happened. It comes more like simply being anti-government than anything else.

            Second, the vast majority of people maintaining these systems in the government AND private industry do and have computer science degrees and are more likely to be certified networking specialist. It has nothing to do with who is the smartest person in the room. It has to do with who is the most experience person in the room.

            And, yes, it does have to do with money. Money to have enough staff to do the jobs well and in a timely manner. Money to make certain that you have the appropriate hardware and software to do the job. Money to make certain the hardware and software is maintained properly and that does include periodic replacement of hard drives as they age, not only when they have finally failed and they all will eventually do.

            Finally, I am not that impressed by your brother’s expertise if this all he has to say in the matter.

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