Disturbing video: Left-wing mob gangs up on conservative with camera at open meeting

Portland State UA recent meeting of the International Socialist Organization at Portland State University turned into a spectacle when a videographer showed up to record the event.

An open, on-campus meeting at the public-funded university was scheduled by the group on June 12, but organizers took exception when a person from the activist group “Rage Against the Media” showed up.

For some reason, police where already on hand and the organizers turned to them for relief, but none was forthcoming.

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“We don’t allow right-wing bloggers to tape our events,” an organizer said on camera, after police refused to intervene.

So attendees instead formed a human blockade around the person, who was quietly recording their actions.

While not clear why, the meeting is eventually brought to an end, to the dismay of those in attendance. As the facility emptied out, some chanted, “Harassment isn’t free speech” — the irony of their choice of words being lost on them.

*Caution: Strong Language — Original Video Here

According to the socialist organization’s website, it seeks to “provide a socialist alternative for students looking beyond the capitalist system for the change they would like to see in the world … [and] to inform students of current events (from a Marxist perspective) and educate them on the history of working class struggle and political theory.”

Sounds a lot like communism.

And while website visitors will have no trouble finding references to Marxism, the word “communism” is conspicuously absent, lending credence to the idea that the left avoids transparency because they know the American people will reject their belief system when spelled out.

Tom Tillison


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