Carjacking thugs thwarted: They couldn’t drive 70-year-old woman’s stick shift!

The three thugs thought they had an easy mark.

But the getaway car wouldn’t cooperate.

0623carjackThat’s because their 70-year-old carjacking victim drove a five-speed stick shift Kia, and the gunmen couldn’t get their a$$ in gear.
The attempted robbery took place Saturday afternoon, when Seattle septuagenarian Nancy Frederickson returned to her apartment complex with a sleeping bag in the trunk of her car.

When she  took it out and closed the trunk, she found three teenagers staring at her – one of them with a gun and demanding her keys.

Though she first thought it was a joke, she dropped her keys on the ground when she realized the youths were serious.

That’s when it really turned into a joke.

“I got a 5-speed in there, and they couldn’t figure out how to get it going,” Fredrickson told KOMO News.

The stumblebums fled through a parking lot, where they were picked up on surveillance cameras, KOMO reported. No arrests had been made though.

Besides being an old-school driver, Frederickson is able to take care of herself physically – she has a black belt in martial arts, and drew on the discipline she learned getting it to stay cool during the robbery.

And afterward?

“I said I gotta have my car keys,” she said. “And I looked in and they had left them in the ignition.”

Check out the KOMO report here.

H/T: New York Post

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