Bret Baier reveals secret to show’s success, how he gets skeptics to love Fox News

Popular Fox News anchor Bret Baier attributed his network’s evening news success to network President and CEO Roger Ailes’ strategic overview and Fox’s stable of top-notch correspondents.

Baier told The Daily Caller, that his “Special Report” was able to to beat out MSNBC and CNN in the ratings war because of “Ailes’ great vision, which worked, and our amazing reporters…people who are breaking stories.”

“Despite being No. 1 for a lot of years, we’re still kind of scrappy,” he said.

“Usually when I respond to the emails that are the most visceral or vitriolic or angry, most of them have not watched, he said. “And I say, ‘Watch my show three nights, and then email me back and tell me what you think.’ And usually it’s one viewer at a time I can make headway.”

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Another secret to Fox’s success,” Baier said, is that “we don’t talk down to people. It’s been a loyalty thing. Viewers stay with Fox.”

The anchor said he is too busy to watch his competition, preferring to “swing for the fences and get ratings better or equal to network television at 6:30 [p.m.].”

Click here to watch the interview via The Daily Caller.


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