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Nancy Pelosi snaps when Boehner calls aliens ‘aliens’: ‘Has BOTOX cut off blood to your tiny brain?’

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Sometimes you’d think English is Nancy Pelosi’s second language.

In a statement Friday, the House minority leader scolded House Speaker John Boehner for referring to the flood of children crossing the United States border to the south as “aliens.”

Here’s what Boehner posted on Twitter:

Pelosi’s prattling response was predictable.

“Mr. Speaker, these comments and labels are inexcusable and reprehensible — no one should be politicizing the ordeal of these children in such a manner,” the statement said, according to the Washington Times.

What’s really odd about Pelosi’s statement is that when Boehner called the mass of Central Americans currently overwhelming immigration facilities in border states and being dispersed around the country “aliens,” he was using the exact word used by the Obama administration’s U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services to describe non-citizens.

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By Pelosi’s own logic then, the head of her own political party — not to mention the president of the United States — is just as “reprehensible” to her as the most “inexcusable” Republican.

No, it doesn’t make sense, but Pelosi’s a lib Democrat. She can’t make sense.

Twittter users, fortunately, were on hand to call Pelosi out on the subject. Some focused on the fact that Boehner was correct: technically, bureaucratically and morally.

Some satisfied themselves insulting the San Francisco lib — an understandable temptation.

Some zeroed in on the real problem progressives have in calling things by their correct name. By avoiding using words like “alien” to describe aliens, libs manage to hide from themselves how wrong — sometimes monstrously wrong — they really are.

Orwell was onto that a long time ago.


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