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Cosmo mocks young Duggar for guns on wedding registry, angry readers push back

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Jill DuggerCosmopolitan Magazine probably didn’t anticipate the backlash it would receive when it ran an online article mocking a conservative reality TV show star for an item on her wedding registry.

Jill Duggar, 23, one of nine girls and 10 boys on “19 Kids and Counting,” and her fiancé, Derek Dillard, tweeted their wedding registry announcement in April. On the long list of items was a Maverick shotgun and a Smith and Wesson rifle. The tweet said:

After an Us Magazine article reported on the registry, Cosmo jumped at the opportunity to slam the couple, writing:

It starts off as you would expect, with requests for things from Walmart, Amazon, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Then it gets a little unconventional, with requests for Froot Loops (smart), Hershey’s cereal (smarter), and Raisin Bran (smartest). They also ask for gift cards to Panera, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Subway.

Finally, the weird stuff: They want some WD-40 and two fuh-reaking shotguns.

Readers voiced their displeasure with the tone of the article in the comments section. One reader, identified as “Sam,” wrote:

Umm.. Guns are awesome. Hunting is awesome. Fishing is awesome. You got a problem with this girl and her awesome hobbies? Maybe as a women’s magazine you should be appreciating the fact that women love all kinds of activities (especially a traditionally male dominated one) and no matter what kinda hobbies you’re into, it’s cool.

“Timothy” wrote:

Oh my god. They want to own a constitutionally protected item that they have a right to own? How about we all support them in their desire to be American. Those who have a problem with it should consider moving to oh, lets say, China. In China you will be protected from the freedom of others.

And “Cat” had the best response of all, writing:

Looking back on things, I wished I’d put firearms in my registry than most of the wine glasses and other impractical things that are part of the typical wedding registry. However, since Cosmo has gone the way of all the other liberal media still trying to vilify guns, allow me to say a couple of things.

1) Your magazine’s target market is women. Women also happen to be the fastest growing demographic of new gun owners. So, jumping onto the gun-grabber’s wagon is probably a stupid move.

2) Since your magazine contains fuh-reaking anti-gun comments about people exercising their constitutionally protected rights, Good-bye.

The couple were married Saturday. BizPac Review wishes them the best in their future together.

Cosmo, on the other hand, will be losing some readers.

H/T: Guns Save Lives


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