Hannity Panel on Radical Islam gets heated: You’re ‘the most dangerous person in society!’

hannity specialIn a Friday segment titled “Radical Muslims on the March,” Fox News host Sean Hannity had national security experts and commentators in the studio to discuss the rise of radical Islam, and it didn’t take long for things to get heated.

Act for America President Brigitte Gabriel was among the panelists, and she found herself under fire after questioning why more moderate Muslims are not speaking out against the violence orchestrated by radical Muslims.

Fox News liberal contributor Tamara Holder responded by angrily calling Gabriel “the most dangerous person in society.”

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“To say things like moderate Muslims ‘supposedly’ are not terrorists, ‘supposedly’ are not dangerous – the majority of Muslims in this country and in this world are safe, loving people who want peace,” she said. “Those Nigerian girls were Muslims as well.”

The Lebanese born, Arabic speaking Gabriel countered that she knows how the Muslim society operates, and how they think.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in a Muslim country, so don’t tell me I don’t understand,” Holder fired back with almost comical logic, before asking Gabriel if the majority of Muslims are terrorists — never mind that Gabriel never said they were.

“I’m not saying the majority of Muslims are terrorists. […] The terrorists are only 15 to 25 percent,” she answered.

Holder again called Gabriel “a very dangerous person,” but once prompted, did reluctantly concede that radical Islamists who blow up women and children are “just as dangerous.”

Tom Tillison


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