Fed up ex-Redskins player launches ‘boycott’ of the Chargers to mock ‘guilt-ridden white libs’

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Fed up with the attacks on his former team, ex-Washington Redskins player Chris Cooley  and his radio co-host mocked the controversy over the team’s name.

ESPN 980 Washington co-host Steve Czaban set the stage on Wednesday’s show by referring to “the guilt-ridden white liberal sportswriters” who “need a cause to feel good about themselves,” Sports Grid reported.

“They will then say it doesn’t matter if it’s 70, 80 percent — if one person is offended, then that’s enough,” Czaban said.

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Cooley jumped in with his own faux cause, which is certain to meet the approval of the climate-conscious left.

“You and I need a cause,” Cooley told his cohort. “And you know what that cause is going to be? I don’t like the Chargers because I want to protect the ozone. Alright, guys?”

Critics were quick to suggest electricity “helps the ozone layer,” but Cooley was simply pointing out the absurdity of the situation.

“I feel like there’s a global-warming issue, and I don’t like the name Chargers, because they’re promoting electricity,” he said. “Eff electricity, and eff the Chargers’ name. I have a problem with them. All I’ve got to do is [get] a pamphlet and 10 percent of a couple people and maybe a senator or two that wants to protect the ozone, and we’re off and running.”

Another great cause liberals should tackle: Oklahoma’s state name. It comes from the Choctaw phrase, “okla humma,” which stands for “red people.” After all, that just may offend someone.

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