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Outrageous! Charlie Rangel compares tea party to Hamas terrorist group

Charlie Rangel
Photo Source www.npr.org

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At this stage, 84-year-old U.S. Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., understands that he can pretty much get away with saying or doing anything.

If the lawmaker cheated on his taxes with little consequence, what harm can possibly come from comparing the tea party to the terrorist group Hamas.

Which is precisely what Rangel did in an interview taped on Thursday, as he discussed the three Israeli teenagers recently kidnapped.

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“We know that these victims, these kids are being held by people that have no moral standards… the question is how do we handle these types of people who don’t mind dying,” Rangel said. “They hate so much that they don’t mind dying themselves.”

“That’s worst than the tea party’s thinking,” the Democrat added.

“You can’t compare the Tea Party to Palestinian terrorists!” the unidentified radio host interjected.

“Well, I am just saying that is a cult type of thinking — its’ a poor analogy when you talk about terrorism — but when you talk about not recognizing the United States as a nation, not recognizing the president, trying to repeal bills that are already law and sticking to the principles of the civil war, you know these are people that you cannot talk rationally to and the president can’t,” Rangel responded. “And at some point, if the Palestinians come to the table and say they can’t control the people in the backroom, the same way Republicans say they can’t control the Tea Party…”

Rangel rambled on about not allowing someone to come to the table if “their primary goal is to have you distinguished.” Speaking of which, the need for a mandatory retirement age in Congress is long overdue.

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