Gov. Rick Perry: Immigration reform not happening until ‘we get the border secure’

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been alerting the Obama administration that unaccompanied children have been crossing the southern border since 2009.

“Now we have an absolute humanitarian catastrophe on our hands as well as a homeland security issue,” Perry told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Thursday on the O’Reilly Factor.

The problem has been around since 2009, when the governor first alerted the administration. In 2010, he hand-delivered a letter to President Obama requesting that the federal government honor its responsibility to keep the borders secure.

Texas approved on Wednesday $1.3 million dollars per week to engage more law enforcement and the National Guard for additional border security.

“This many people moving from Central America through Mexico to the southern border of the United States,” Perry said, “I don’t think this happened by accident.”

Diplomatic engagement needs to take place with the neighbors to the south, he said.

“Until we get the border secure, none of this immigration reform talk is gonna happen.”

Watch Perry here via Fox News:

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