Mexican criminal deported over Star Wars action figures: The Force wasn’t with him

storm troopers 2
Photo from Stormtroopers 365 project

While the southern borders are being over-run with minors entering America illegally – one adult has been sent packing the other way. Pablo Christian Laurumbe Rojas was turned over to Mexican authorities this week  – following his arrest earlier this year in the San Francisco Bay area. The 34-year-old Rojas was accused of murder in the death of Carlos Maldonado.

Government officials say Mr. Maldonado owed a criminal associate of Rojas close to $3,000.

Presumably, he didn’t have the cash on hand so he showed up to Rojas’ home, in Mexico, with his collection of Star Wars action figures – thought to be valued higher than the debt.

The Force – apparently wasn’t with Mr. Maldonado. His body was later found in possession of people – who pointed law enforcement authorities to Rojas.

No word on the fate of the Star Wars action figure collection.

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