Shameless! Nancy Pelosi, Dems push misleading US World Cup soccer team photo to promote amnesty

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and a number of her fellow Democratic colleagues tweeted a graphic that celebrated the number of immigrants on the United States’ World Cup soccer team.

Most of the tweets included the pro-amnesty hashtag: #TimeIsNow.

The graphic is from a GlobalPost article, with the whited out players supposedly depicting immigrants. But there’s a little problem; none of them are immigrants.

None. All are native-born U.S. citizens.

The players eliminated in the graphic had at least one parent born outside the United States, but that alone does not affect their citizenship status, according to Twitchy.

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Twitchy reported that the Democrats didn’t link to the GlobalPost article, which acknowledged as much, and said “it’s almost as if this is a coordinated effort to intentionally mislead their Twitter followers.”

Some of the messages tweeted with the graphic proved it’s not only in war that truth is the first casualty:

Tom Tillison


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