Mexican Embassy official defies logic, angers crowd: Mexican citizens ‘not committing a crime’ when they cross border

Ariel Moutsatos-MoralesU.S. Marine Andrew Tahmooressi has been imprisoned in Mexico for nearly 3 months for taking a wrong turn on America’s border with that country.

But according to the Mexican Embassy, should one of their citizens do the same thing, they are “not committing a crime.”

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph was at the embassy interviewing protesters — some are calling for a boycott of Mexico — when Public Affairs Minister Ariel Moutsatos-Morales commented on the case.

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“When a Mexican, or any other citizen, crosses a boarder, let’s say illegally, they are not committing a crime,” Moutsatos-Morales said. “They are doing it illegally, but they are not committing a crime.”

“No, they are not,” he responded when some in the crowd objected. “Check your law.”

Moutsatos-Morales noted that there are Mexican citizens in Texas jails that didn’t receive consular assistance, but that Tahmooressi is.

Nevertheless, with tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children flooding the U.S. southern border with Mexico, protesters had little patience for his words.

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