Is Megyn Kelly finally fed up? Her powerful case that Obama presidency is ‘imploding’

megyn kelly“Is Barack Obama‘s presidency imploding?”

Fox News host Megyn Kelly opened Tuesday’s edition of “The Kelly File” with that very question, then laid out a convincing case to suggest that it may very well be collapsing.

“Al-Qaida is resurging, Iraq is disintegrating and now we may look to Iran to help us stop it,” Kelly explained. “Iran — a terrorist regime responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans … We have drawn red lines in Syria we refuse to enforce, we stood by as Russia seized part of the Ukraine, and now we are releasing top Taliban leaders as the Afghanistan war is still going.”

Kelly did not limit the argument to foreign policy alone.

“Domestically, we have a president  who has lost the trust of the American people by repeatedly misleading them,” she said. “He bypasses Congress, the people’s representatives, on matters ranging from Obamacare to immigration law, to the point one of the most respected liberal law professors in the country has called our president ‘the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid.'”

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(The comment is attributed to Jonathan Turley, professor of law at The George Washington University Law School.)

The former litigator then wrapped up with a damnable close.

“The American public overwhelmingly regrets ObamaCare, our veterans are dying waiting to see doctors, the IRS intimidates conservative groups, the southern border is compared to a sieve and the president assures us not to worry,” she concluded. “Smiling, golfing and at this very moment partying with fashion queen Anna Wintour … because the fundraising never stops – not when four Americans die in Benghazi, and not when Baghdad is at the brink.”

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