Bill O’Reilly: It would be a ‘dereliction of duty’ if Obama didn’t start bombing al-Qaida soon

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on Monday addressed a number of emails he received recently from military families, whose loved ones have died in Iraq, hoping to ease their outrage over the country’s recent al-Qaida uprising there.

“These people are hell-bent on imposing a fanatical strain of Islam on the entire world,” O’Reilly said, adding that while Iraq has been poorly managed, “our initial sacrifice was not in vain. In fact, it was noble.”

Toppling Saddam Hussein and fighting those who oppress basic freedoms were necessary to restore world order, he said.

“The truth is that modern America has always fought on the side of freedom, giving people the chance to decide what their country should be,” he said. “The USA protects the human rights of people all over the world, period.”

O’Reilly said it would be a “dereliction of duty” if Obama did not start bombing al-Qaida soon.

Watch O’Reilly here via Fox News:

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