Are the political sands in Florida shifting so fast — even Rubio can’t keep up?

Marco Rubio floor speech

A new survey conducted by the Florida International University threatens the long-standing political belief that Cuban-Americans overwhelmingly support the John Kennedy trade embargo of Cuba.

Almost half of the 1,000 Cuban-Americans who were surveyed support lifting the embargo – which falls in line with efforts by President Obama and some business and academic leaders – to soften travel and trade restrictions with the communist nation.

The shift in attitude is credited to newly arriving Cuban immigrants and second-generation Cuban-Americans. Senator Marco Rubio – just recently signaled his continued support of the embargo.

“The Castro regime’s repression cannot go ignored,” Rubio said. “The Obama administration should reconsider any policy attempts that ultimately enrich and empower the regime to continue repressing innocent Cubans like this. Let this latest wave of harassment and brutality by the Castro brothers serve as a reminder to those who call for more engagement as a way to bring change to Cuba. The only change that would bring is further entrenching the regime in power by giving them more money to carry out their violent repression of people’s fundamental rights and dignity.”

Given the shifting sands of Florida’s Cuban-American population, Rubio could face political repercussions if he is to hold his ground on the issue.

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