Obama calls on Americans to mentor, Twitter crowd cuts up: ‘What? are we supposed to take them golfing?’

When Democrat strategist,  MSNBC personality and uber-lib Donna Brazile went to Twitter to post an appeal for Americans to join the president’s “My Brother’s Keeper”  campaign aimed at helping low-income minority males, she got an earful of responses she probably wasn’t expecting.

But they were exactly the kind she should have been.

Given that this is an initiative personally endorsed by President Obama, some made fun of the president’s decidedly not lower-income hobby.

Others mocked his personal relationships — and Democrats’ “do as I say, not as I do” mentality in general.

Other responses shredded the whole idea of “my brother’s keeper,” when it’s something coming from an overreaching federal government that has proven over and over again over the past six years under Obama (and decades before that under his predecessors) as something definitely not to be trusted as a replacement for the individual caring the biblical story refers to.

And as always with Twitter, there’s a fair amount of levity among the barbs to make the point with a smile — or maybe a bitter grimace.

Guy must be a racist.


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