Listen to terrifying call; victim transferred to 911 voicemail during violent home invasion

In a bizarre case that underscores the need for Second Amendment protections, a burglary victim whose 911 call was sent to voicemail foiled the attack before officers arrived.

When four armed men broke into a home in New Port Richey, Fla., early Wednesday, the homeowner called 911, the Tampa Bay Times reported. But instead of connecting him to an officer or dispatcher, the operator sent the call to a police emergency line. The call went straight to voicemail.

Although the assailants beat the man, his wife and his stepmother, then threatened to shoot a baby, the homeowner was able to shoot one of the thieves in the back with a pistol. The injured assailant, bleeding and crawling on the ground, was arrested outside the home by responding officers.

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The other three thieves fled in a car. Officers captured two of the men, but one of was able to escape, and remains at large, Sheriff  Chris Nocco told a press conference.

The original dispatcher had buzzed the police before transferring the call, enabling deputies to arrive quickly.

The Pasco County Sheriff added that the thieves stole $1,600 in cash and some prescription drugs, according to the Times. Nocco’s office will open an investigation into how an emergency call was sent to voicemail, he said.

Listen to the terrifying tape recording here, via Tampa’s Fox 13 News.

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