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Dems can’t even get a Flag Day picture right: ‘Celebration’ turns into mockery instead

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The Democratic National Committee tried to get its patriotic groove on Saturday by tweeting a celebration of Flag Day, but just ended up advertising to the country they didn’t have a picture of Old Glory right handy,

Or the DNC doesn’t know what an American flag looks like.

Here’s what the party of the president sent out.

So, you might be asking, what the hell is that? The flag for Puerto Rico maybe? Part of the Texas state flag? (Doubtful if this is the Dems.) Some Arab country that has a star on its standard?

Turns out, the table cloth guess was pretty close.

Thanks to some sharp-eyed Twitter users, Weasel Zippers got the answer: It appears to be patriotic bunting — the kind used to decorate stages when politicians speak.

In other words, it’s a prop — which is fitting somehow: An empty stage display the Dems drag out when they want to display an old-fashioned kind of patriotism they don’t really have.

The Twitter responses by non-Democrats were enthusiastic — and unforgiving.

It might be shocking that the political party that currently controls the presidency and the United States Senate is incapable of finding a American flag on flag day.

But somehow it’s not shocking at all that a political machine that produces bureaucratic hacks who pervert the IRS, or hipster spokesmen who dismiss the Benghazi attack as “Dude, that was like two years ago,” doesn’t even know what an American flag looks like.

Does anyone, Democrat or Republican, seriously think Flag Day means a damn thing to this crowd? If they didn’t have a “hick holiday” app to remind them what the rubes were up to in flyover country, there wouldn’t have been a tweet at all.

As always with Twitter, though, even the bitterest criticism is laced with humor.

You can bet they don’t need an app for that one.


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