RNC deploys giant orange squirrel to be Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare

So, orange really is the new black, and Hillary Clinton might soon be having nightmares about giant orange squirrels.


The Republican National Committee on Friday introduced the HRC Squirrel, its new weapon to combat the ” $50 million of free media Hillary has gotten surrounding her campaign book launch,” according to RNC spokesman Raffi Williams.

In a T-shirt that reads “Another Clinton in the White House is nuts,” the presumed “intern” in the orange suit will show up to future Hillary  book events like the one held at George Washington University in DC, Friday.

The friendly fluffball will hand out flyers and bumper stickers to counteract the hype of Clinton’s book and tell the truth about her tenure at the State Department.

“The squirrel has launched a twitter account @HRCSquirrelwhere it tweets its whereabouts and makes sure that Hillary doesn’t get a free pass,” according to a statement from the RNC.  A website where supporters can get bumper stickers was part of the launch.

“The media has given Hillary $50 million worth of free media this week without being offered the chance for a Republican response,” said Williams, spokesman for the HRC squirrel. “So we are making sure everyone knows that Hillary has no accomplishments as Secretary of State by having a squirrel hand out fact sheets and bumper stickers, because we all know another Clinton in the White House is nuts! Maybe now the media will get the message.”

Some fun photo tweets came from Friday’s event:


Fox News reported on the inaugural appearance of HRC Squirrel:

Michele Kirk


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