Iraq vet to Obama: ‘I didn’t get my arm blown off so you could sit on your ass . . . why did you throw our sacrifices away?’

Iraq war veteran J. R. Salzman, who lost an arm in a 2006 attack in Baghdad, showed little mercy for President Obama Friday when he posted a series of tweets slamming the president for throwing away the sacrifices so many made in Iraq.

Salzman didn’t pull any punches in telling Obama to “do your job,” and also reminded him of his own words during an earlier encounter between the two, according to Twitchy:

Despite his own sacrifices, Salzman let Obama know that some paid with the last full measure of devotion and asked if he would be willing to apologize to their families:

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Earlier, Salzman, now a champion logroller, shared his thoughts on Obama’s attitude toward veterans — powerful commentary.

Tom Tillison


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