Iraq vet to Obama: ‘I didn’t get my arm blown off so you could sit on your ass . . . why did you throw our sacrifices away?’

Iraq war veteran J. R. Salzman, who lost an arm in a 2006 attack in Baghdad, showed little mercy for President Obama Friday when he posted a series of tweets slamming the president for throwing away the sacrifices so many made in Iraq.

Salzman didn’t pull any punches in telling Obama to “do your job,” and also reminded him of his own words during an earlier encounter between the two, according to Twitchy:

Despite his own sacrifices, Salzman let Obama know that some paid with the last full measure of devotion and asked if he would be willing to apologize to their families:

Popular Florida eatery tells vet
‘his kind’ not welcome; backlash follows

Earlier, Salzman, now a champion logroller, shared his thoughts on Obama’s attitude toward veterans — powerful commentary.

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399 thoughts on “Iraq vet to Obama: ‘I didn’t get my arm blown off so you could sit on your ass . . . why did you throw our sacrifices away?’

  1. George Hilman says:

    Turns out, anyone who joins any more of the U.S. “foreign adventures” from here on out has no one else but himself or herself to blame.

  2. Chris Cassil says:

    Twitter user (@mikeejoe) with a Bio claiming he’s a veteran, Hillary 2016 supporter and wants people to “get covered” made this vile comment directly to Joe on Twitter: “you got your arm blown off cause of #bushcheneylies Iraq not our problem. If you had done your job you would still have your arm – joe michael villa

    This is disgusting.

  3. athynz1 says:

    And THIS is the typical leftist claim where the truth is exposed – that Republicans/GOP/white people are pissed that there is a black man in the Oval Office. And yes with a very small segment of the population that is true – a very small segment. But just like the left you magnify that very small amount and use that as an indicator that everyone who is critical of Obama is racist. That is sloppy thinking at best.

    1. TerryHuggles says:

      mmmkay….if you say so.

  4. william pace says:

    Governing a large country is like frying a small fish. ruin it with too much poking. I’m not eating anything Obama serves up.

  5. RG1 says:

    So he is blaming the Obama Administration or the President directly? IRAQ has a Government in place, when the country of Iraq was mangled initially militants stole weaponry and wealth for more weaponry. The President has Military advisors (excuse my smirk you can’t see)military intelligence (the same intelligence that had info on 911 before it happened). I guess If I lost a limb or friend/family members maybe I’d go off and point fingers too. But its only so much a President (with and without his administration) can coordinate and do especially when dealing with someone else’s (now) Government in place without alienating various factions. The Adminstration is going to act but they dont want to just throw troops that they just pulled out back in. Other attack options are being examined hopefully expeditiously. On US homeland/continental urgent threats he does not have to wait. Back to J.R. He also needs to remember the current President didn’t put us there either. Nor could that same President’s administration find…well you know. In this Democrat/Republican “game” its ad nauseum how we tend to gain amniesia. But that’s Partisan politics for you.

  6. Ron Gilmer says:

    God bless! And you are 100% correct and you are saying what every person, soldier or civilian, fought for our country and Obama’s true allegiance is “HIGHLY” questionable is he selling us out because he is a radical Muslim! One has to wonder!

  7. PaC SGM (R) says:

    When is Congress going to do their job, fact is he is only in office because no one is moving to kick him out of office. He has broken American laws and no one is moving to impeach him.

  8. teila says:

    What’s sad here is that a soldier actually thinks that he was sacrificing anything for any administration. The bottom line that nobody wants to talk about is that soldiers, sailers, and airmen are pawns. Chess pieces. Things to move about on the board game of greater things. Educated military members realize that when they sign up, unfortunately too many service members (due to their honest ignorance) believe in the whole duty, honor, country blurb when they’re not backing their country at all. The “country” didn’t need us to go to war. The “country” wasn’t at risk. The “country” would’ve been better off if we had never set a boot in Iraq. Soldiers were fighting for big money, contracts, political gain, diversion of the truth, duping the public, smoke & mirrors…

    Serving honorably and doing your job like many of us did is one thing. Serving and thinking that you went to Iraq for your “country” and thinking that you made sacrifices for your “country” is a testament to ignorance. The government isn’t your mom, dad, sister, or neighbor down the street. The government isn’t your 1st grade teacher. The government isn’t the old lady you see in church every Sunday. It’s bad enough to think that you’re doing the Government’s bidding, but you’re not, you’re just doing big money’s bidding which has enough people in government to effectively run it.

    Blaming Obama for things on the larger scale is like kids in grade school blaming the class president for the bad food in the lunch room. As adults, we know that basically the kid president has no power to change what is served in the lunch room, to change other things in the school mandated by a much higher authority. That’s what a president is in most countries… a representative of what government should be… not the higher authority.

    Yeah, I know, I’m insane. I’m a kook. I don’t know what I’m talking about. Just like I was told I wore a tin hat when I posted years ago that the government was listening in on phone conversations and email. Military tech in the 90’s enabled service members to see people screwing in their homes through-their-brick walls! … what do you kind of tech do you think the government is using today. Most of you people need to wake the heck up. Obama isn’t the issue you should be worried about.

    Sitting around here worried about the kite in the tree while your home is burning down behind you.

    1. Ole Man says:

      Great post!

  9. Frank says:

    Mr. Salman, it’s not that the President hates soldiers, he hates anyone who’s not a Democrat, Gay, or Trans. Or is kissing he’s ads!!!!!!!!

  10. NukeWaste says:

    Remember to vote in November. Hang out at the polls. Help keep them honest. Chase the purple shirts away.

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