Fed up Sarah Palin says this issue is ‘just about driving me to renounce my Republican ties’

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Calling herself “a bleeding-heart compassionate woman and mother,” former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin said she is close to renouncing her Republican ties over the “madness” on America’s southern border with Mexico.

“Finally, they have won me over,” Palin wrote Friday on Facebook. “I actually agree with the liberals’ war whoop. I, too, demand that this issue of young illegal aliens flooding across our border into horrendous conditions be taken care of. Now!”

Palin called the conditions “child abuse,” saying “this one issue is just about driving me to renounce my Republican ties because, see, even leaders on the RIGHT side of the aisle haven’t exerted all Constitutional power to stop the madness.”

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But her plan to “stop the madness” may not be to the liking of Democrats, who Palin said always try to “justify more spending” to resolve “every single ‘crisis’ their policies conjure up.”

“The primary expenditure we need to supply in this humanitarian crisis is jet fuel to fly these children back home to their parents,” she said.

The former Republican vice presidential nominee said President Obama “orchestrated” the crisis.

“Barack Obama has orchestrated this newest ‘crisis’ in order to overload the system with the intention of “fixing” the problems his own policies create – by fiat, and that infamous phone and pen; screw the rule of law,” Palin wrote. “He’s warned you by proudly claiming his executive orders can bypass the peoples’ representatives and obviously ignore the will of the people.”

She also called out the president for his “refusal to enforce immigration laws.”

“To encourage and reward lawlessness by refusing to enforce the will of the people as proven by laws passed by our political representatives is the signature of a tyrant,” Palin said.

Her commentary ended with a simple question: “Congress and American voters, how long will you let Team Obama get away with this?”


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