Celine Dion sends video response to Vegas airport guy after hilarious ‘All By Myself’ spoof

Richard Dunn’s creative and funny version of a classic Celine Dion mega-hit, “All By Myself,” caught the attention of millions last week, including Dion herself.

Alone at the Las Vegas airport in the middle of the night, Dunn taped his camera phone to the pole of a wheelchair and lip-synched the song with an irresistible dramatic flare.

“I loved it,” said Dion in her video response. “It’s hilarious and very touching.”

Her message came with an invitation:

“But next time you’re stuck all by yourself at the Las Vegas airport for hours and hours, please be my guest at my show . . . ”

“By the way, Richard, you’re more than welcome to use my bathroom!” the singer added.

Watch Dunn’s Las Vegas airport sensation here, if you haven’t seen it, yet:

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Michele Kirk


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