‘Spoiled, aimless’ Chelsea Clinton exorbitantly overpaid by NBC News

Photo Credit: im41.com
Photo Credit: im41.com

NBC’s cozy relationship with the Clinton dynasty took an unexpected twist on Friday, when it was revealed that the sycophantic network paid the former first daughter – or should we say Princess – Chelsea $600,000 per year as a “special correspondent.”

Although she had no previous experience in journalism, no field reportage, no kudos under her belt, and no scoops in her resume, POLITICO learned that NBC hired her in November 2011 at a scale that exceeded the Executive Editor of the New York Times.

For this extraordinary sum, Clinton worked on assignments for NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams,” and after that show’s cancellation, on stories for the Nightly News.

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A spokesperson for the now-pregnant Clinton, Kamyl Bazbaz – how many 34-year-olds have spokespersons – said POLITICO should turn to NBC for details.

Peacock Headquarters replied meekly that “NBC News continues to enjoy a wonderful working relationship with Chelsea, and we are proud of her work.”

No matter that when the novice reporter joined NBC, the New York Post described her as “just another spoiled, aimless child of rich, successful parents chauffeured through adulthood by mommy and daddy’s connections,” for as F. Scott Fitzgerald so famously said, “The rich are different.”


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