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‘None of the above’ pulls off upset in Nevada’s Dem primary for Governor

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While the political world was rocked by the results of the Virginia GOP primary Tuesday, the results of the Nevada governor’s Democratic primary race went largely unnoticed.

None of the above” pulled off an upset with 29.9 percent of the vote. Nevada was the first state to institute a “none of the above” line on its ballot in 1975, according to Breitbart News.

Interestingly, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was unable to field a candidate who would be seen as a competitive challenger to Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval, as he told RJG.com he would earlier in the year.

“I’ve had a number of conversations, and we will fill every one of our spots,” Reid said. “We are going to be competitive in all of the state offices – from controller up to governor.”

Robert Goodman, a retired state economic development commissioner, came in second with 24.9 percent of the vote and will be the nominee, since “none of the above” can’t actually win under state law, according to Breitbart.

Watch the report via KTNV Las Vegas:

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