Lame duck Carney bobs and weaves, dodging criticism of Obama’s policies in Iraq

Clueless White House press secretary Jay Carney refuses to blame the president’s Middle East policies for the chaos that is Iraq.

Carney continued to bob and weave in deflecting criticism Thursday of President Obama’s policy in Iraq and Syria, insisting that al-Qaida had been decimated and that withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq would bring a successful end to the war, The Daily Caller reported.

Pressed by ABC’s White House correspondent, Jon Karl, Carney reiterated that “the president pledged to end the war in Iraq, and he did,” calling the administration “a good partner” to the Iraqi government.

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Karl refuted the argument, asking how al-Qaida could be decimated if Mosul – the country’s second-largest city after Baghdad — had just fallen to terrorists, Mediaite reported.

“The future of Iraq rests in the hands of” the Iraqi people, Carney said repeatedly, blaming the Mosul attack on al-Qaida affiliates, not the organization itself, and offering nothing more than overly simplistic generalizations of the disaster unfolding in the Middle East.

Watch Carney’s repetitious dreck via the Daily Caller here.

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