‘Exhausted’ Obama to drive golf balls as ISIS drives on Baghdad, Twitter erupts

CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller was simply doing his job when he tweeted President Barack Obama‘s weekend plans. Little did he know that his effort would unleash a wave of criticism directed at the president.

With the situation in Iraq at critical mass and Baghdad on the verge of falling into the hands of the Islamic militant group known as ISIS, and the impending humanitarian crises unfolding on the southern border with Mexico, folks were simply astonished at what they were seeing.

Perhaps leaning on the old adage that it’s better to laugh than to cry, Twitter users let the sarcasm fly, as documented by Twitchy.

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‘his kind’ not welcome; backlash follows

And based on some of the responses, while the media may still adore him, this president has worn out his welcome with the American people.

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680 thoughts on “‘Exhausted’ Obama to drive golf balls as ISIS drives on Baghdad, Twitter erupts

  1. Jeff Sheaffer says:

    Thank you Morons who voted for HUSSEIN Obama ! He destroyed America by design!

  2. Melissa Katsmom Votano says:

    This is the longest tenure at any “job” this fool has had and it is woefully obvious he is bored out of his narcissistic sociopathic mind.

  3. john says:

    It doesn’t matter if the President is Black — He is destroying the Constitution — bit by bit –He — NEEDS — to be removed from office — NOW !! — In a matter of only the next 2 years we will all be in dire straights — This country will be on the verge of bankruptcy — Maybe less than 2 yrs. — He is set on bringing down our Country — Who controls his strings —- Who are the — Big Players — Controlling — This World — for — There Benefit —
    All of us on this post need to unite – If any of you believe my words are true — Then how do we do this — I don’t know — I’m not a Politician — I’m not an — Attorney — I’m an average guy concerned about what’s about to happen to us — Real Soon !! — I don’t have the answers —

    So, I suggest for all posts — submitted — to be about — Solutions !! — to our mutual demise of our — United States of America —
    Let’s not get mired down w/ Complaining — And — Blaming —
    Think of — Solutions to the Problems — That’s how we can Unite our efforts to overcome this piece of S—t — Obama —
    We are the — People — WE — The People — Own –This Govt’ — Not Obama — He works for us — AS — Do– the entire Senate and Congress — Remember — WE are the People !!
    This is America !!
    Most Americans under the age of 35 — Don’t have a Clue !!

  4. Angels Around MeNow says:

    He is just a puppet. they don’t use his brain anyway so what does it matter where he is?

  5. Mr. Evolving says:

    Give the man a break! You know how hard it is to jam in your bucket list, when you’ve only got 8 years as President to……..Oh, hell……….

  6. Oilfart1 says:

    You gotta look on the bright side, if BO and his minions are playing golf, are they doing anything that will cause the country to become weaker?

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