‘One Broke Girl’: Mad Magazine presents Hillary’s ridiculous new sitcom

Following up on last week’s brilliant spoof of President Barack Obama, MAD Magazine turned it’s satirical talents on likely 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton this week.

Giving Flo, from Mel’s Diner, a run for her money, the magazine depicts Hillary as a waitress in a sitcom titled, “One Broke Girl,” complete with the caption: “It’s tough getting by on $200,000 speaking fees.”

Clearly a play on Clinton’s comment during an interview Tuesday with ABC’s Diane Sawyer that she and Bill Clinton were “dead broke” when they left the White House.

A comment Mrs. Clinton has been trying to walk back ever since.

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Mad Magazine tweeted an image of “Hil,” prompting some good responses, as documented by Twitchy:

Tom Tillison


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